Nissan Elgrand

Nissan Elgrand Executive Deluxe

An exclusive and exciting hi-spec addition to our fleet, the Nissan Elgrand offers class and comfort in this eyecatching campervan. Similar in size to the Granvia, our Executive Deluxe Conversion offers luxury and space from only £17,995! As standard this comes with fitted toilet cabinet, swivel front seat and on-board charger. Optional extras include power seats, ovens, satellite TV, night heaters, 4WD and more.

“It’s pretty incredible to think that you can have a new conversion on a four-wheel drive 240bhp base vehicle sat on your drive for under £20,000.”
Campervan magazine, summer 2015

The Nissan Elgrand – a new standard in luxury

The Elgrand is one of Japan’s most luxurious and stylish campervans available. It comes with the efficient and award winning 2.5 and 3.5 V6 (VG) petrol engines (with roughly 30 and 25mpg respectively). They all come with triptonic five-speed automatic and are available in 2WD and elective 4WD with (diff. lock option) options. A ‘Power’ option on the dash also creates a faster drive. They come with a host of luxury features including aircon, on-board computer, side blinds, swivel seats, dual climate control, sunroof and luxury seats (powered in some models).

The Executive Deluxe conversion includes the following features:

  • High quality, hand-made full-side, 4-berth conversion
  • Solid beech worktop for durability (other woods such as walnut are available as an extra)
  • Wardrobe with hanger rail or your choice of shelves
  • Elevating roof with optional double bed
  • Kitchen cupboards with overhead storage units with optional access to rear of units from offside sliding door
  • Rock-and-roll bed (pull-tested) that seats or sleeps two, with fire retardant upholstery and two three-point seatbelts
  • Optional toilet unit available
  • Swivel passenger seat with extra long travel to rear of camper (this allows the passenger to swivel then move closer to the dining table)
  • SMEV flush-fitted kitchen sink with toughened smoked glass top
  • Double ring gas cooker
  • Durable floor with non-slip coating
  • Fitted internal water tank with external filler cap
  • Fitted dual-power or compressor fridge (accessible when bed is down)
  • New design allows access to fridge when the bed is lowered in some models
  • Electric 240v hook-up with sockets and fitted swivel spotlights
  • Leisure battery with additional 240v smart charger
  • Detachable dining table

Extra features

The Elgrand Executive Deluxe also comes with extras such as walnut worktop, toilet cabinet cushion, night access to fridge, night heater and comes in a wide range of wood finishes.

Extra-travel swivel seats!

Our exclusive Elgrand swivel seats not only provide in excess of the full 180 degree turn to face the living area in the rear, it is also fitted with extra long runners that allow the seat to travel at least 400mm backwards into the living area. This exclusive feature not only allows more leg room when facing forwards, but offers closer proximity to the detachable dining table, fridge and living area. The extra-travel passenger swivel is standard in the Executive Deluxe package. Choose between this and the fitted toilet unit for the drivers seat (see below).

Fitted toilet cabinet with removable WC

The Executive Deluxe conversion package includes the option of a fitted toilet cabinet with cushion. Choose from this or the swivel drivers seat (only one of the two is possible due to space restrictions). This offers a fourth seat (in the absence of a swivel drivers seat) and a discreet and attractive cabinet to house the portable toilet unit. Due to the portable nature of the WC unit, this cabinet can also be used not just as a seat but as an additional storage box.

“The conversion itself is a testament to Campers Scotland’s hire experience and is well thought-out with some clever design touches that should make it practical to live with. We do like this Elgrand a lot.”
Campervan magazine, summer 2015.

Varitrak bed system

Our variable position track system is available in the Nissan Elgrand Campervan. This unique system allows you to move the rock and roll bed from front to rear to allow for greater boot or front floor space. Fast release bolts are available at extra cost. This is perfect for multiple camper use where extra boot or front floor space is required on a regular basis. Prices start at £595. More details of the quick-release system here.

Superglide Varitrak system

This is the ultimate in variable bed rail positioning systems. Built on rails with dry bearings this is the easiest to move and quickest to release/lock. Our Superglide Varitrak system is released and re-locked in seconds with two simple locating pins that rotate 90 degrees to release or lock. Choose up to four location points on the track. Available from only £1295.

All this available from an incredible £17,995!!