Choosing a theme

Hey Sofia, I forgot to mention a couple of things about wordpress themes which you should consider.

The default theme “Twenty Eleven” does quite a good job of displaying on desktops & mobile, which is nice and good for editing / admin too. Gary & Xan will likely need to be able to interact with the worpress site on their phones – at least to a limited extent, so it’ll be worth making sure any theme we use covers mobile users too. This isn’t too much of a restriction really, as it’s all done with CSS media queries, which we can customise ourselves if needed.

The other thing is, just an FYI really. WP themes can be customised / extended by using child themes – this lets us change the style layout of a theme while not directly editing it, but instead using a subset of file copies to override the original ones. This gives us a much more flexible way of doing things, and means if we break stuff – it’s easy to go back.