Conversion accessories

Campervan conversion accessories

We fit a specialist range of campervan parts and materials to our campervans such as SMEV sinks and cookers, leisure fridges, veneered plywood, rock-and-roll beds, captain seats, adhesives, bonds, gas-boxes, edging and a whole range of electrical equipment, solar panels and rooflights. Please see below for some of our popular products (NB all prices include VAT). Please also note, apart from roofs and Webasto products, we only convert or fit conversion parts to vans directly supplied by ourselves. We are not a parts shop.

Conversion accessories
Veneered plywoodEdgingElevated roofHigh top roof
Veneered plywood
Choose from a range of veneers (12mm to 16mm) such as American White oak, beech, cherry and walnut.

Prices from £59 a sheet
Edging for 12mm and 16mm plywood.

Comes in various colours from beech to walnut.

Prices from £1.69 a meter
Elevating roof
The elevating roof offers flexibility and aerodynamics, allowing you to park the van in car parks and garages out-of-bounds for the hightop. Its main benefit is fuel economy giving a sleeker and more aerodynamic aspect to your van. The high quality canvas offers window for light and ventilation. It is durable in all kinds of weather.

The most popular model hinges at the back and raises at the front. Other options are front and hinges.

Prices start at £2,995.
Hightop roof
Our insulated hightop roofs offer warmth for the upper bunk, greater head space, additional storage space to the front, rear and sides and, with the option of side windows, offer a permanent lighter and airier feeling to the van. The cheaper of the two options the hightop also offers the choice of storage shelves along the side and storage cupboards at the front and back. We can also install a bed frame in the roof, big enough to sleep two adults.

Prices start at £2,995 supplied, cut, framed, lined and professionally fitted.
*Exclusive**NEW* *Exclusive*
The Hi-Lo Elevating roof
We are proud to announce sole Scottish dealership of the revolutionary Hi-Lo Elevating roof. Almost flush when down and one of the highest roofs when up, this crash-tested roof offers practicality, slimline design and unbeatable quality. For VW T5s only.

This is the world's first flush-fitting elevating roof. Imperceptible as an elevating roof, this patented roof offers unbeatable aerodynamics, economy and killer looks.

When elevated, this is also one of the highest roofs on the market - making it ideal for front and rear conversions.

Supplied with or without fitted bed platform.

From £4,995 supplied and fitted (plus delivery).
Campervan sliding windowMechanic fitting insulationCampervan flooring - Wisa multifloorLeisure battery
Windows – from tinted to privacy with or without integral slider
element. Fitting £150-200 per window.

Prices from £95 for plain to £289 for opening windows.
Interior lining
Interior lining and insulation (choose from grey, blue and black liner material).

Prices from £850 for a VW T5/6, Transit Custom SWB.
Flooring – including our specialist non-slip heavy duty floor.

Prices from £390 for a VW T5 SWB.
Retractable shower head
Our Retractable Shower head system can be fitted to most of our campervans.

This fitted system comes with extending shower hose, head, head storage locker and suitable water storage and pump systems (NB most systems only offer cold water shower).

Prices start at: £295
Leisure battery
Leisure battery – supply and fitting available from £89.

Price to supply and fit from £350.

campervan curtainscampervan for captain seatCampervan Webasto-heater
Rock-and-roll bed
Choose from a range of crash-tested steel-frame Rock-and-roll beds such as the three-part bed (see above) or our four part bed with thicker cushions, or the unique flip-down bed that allows greater boot space.

Prices from £1,395 for steel frame beds.
*Exclusive**NEW* *Exclusive* Varitrak R&R Bed system
This is our exclusive bed with variable position track system. This unique system allows you to move the rock and roll bed from front to rear to allow for greater boot or front floor space. Fast release bolts are available at extra cost. This is perfect for multiple camper use where extra boot or front floor space is required on a regular basis.

Prices from £1995.
We supply and fit these high quality and very smart curtains.

Prices from only £85 per window.
8. Captain seat with locker and swivel bases
We supply and fit the best seat on the market. This crash-tested and certificated seat comes with matching upholstery to your van, swivel base, reclining action, detachable headrest and lower area locker/safe with key. Accept no imitations.

Price £995.

Please call for details.
Space heaters
We fit a range of space heaters to campers and motorhomes including the Eberspächer diesel and electric heater (above), Webasto, Propex and Comet gas and electric heaters. These are thermostatically controlled and can be fitted safely and fully gas compliant to most campervans, vans and motorhomes.

Prices start at £995 for the gas heater and from £1495 to supply and fit the Webasto heater.

We also make units to house the heaters, at extra cost.