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Touring one of Europe’s last true wildernesses

Scotland enjoys some of the most open and accessible land in Europe. Our versatile Bongos, Granvias and Elgrand Campers are the best way to find hidden and often untouched landscapes. Find out here how to find some of the most beautiful, and least-known landscapes in the world – full of mystery, charm and openness.

Campervan parked by a lake with a view of the mountains


Open access

Scotland is one of the most accessible countries in Europe. With so much open and very beautiful space, it makes no sense to shut it off. Open access is so close to the hearts and minds of the Scots, the very concept is enshrined in law. The Land Reform Act of 2003 gives everyone the legal right to walk, camp and make a campfire on all open land – provided they do not make a nuisance of themselves (or enter a private area near to a house or business).

Though this only applies to those on foot or bike, there is ample space for those in campervans. The rule of thumb is of course common sense. Provided you are not blocking access or in a car park that clearly states ‘No Overnight Parking’, then you can park within 13 metres of any public road. You can also drive on any big or small road that is a public right of way.

Scotland has many small roads with laybys. As long as these are not designated passing places (to allow cars to pass each other on single track roads) and there is no sign forbidding overnight parking, you are well within your rights to camp overnight for up to four nights.

Touring Scotland's mountains
Touring Scotland in a Bongo campervan

There are some access restrictions you need to watch out for. The most obvious is blocking access or interfering with local land owners and farmers. In the Highlands of Scotland, stalking (or deer-hunting) takes place during August and September. This is when gillies (land rangers) don’t want you in or around areas where shooting is taking place. Our advice is to speak to the locals – in a pub, shop or farm – and ask where is safe to park.

When in doubt, go check yourself into one of the many lovely campsites dotted throughout Scotland.

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Happy touring!