Hybrid Eco Campers

The Hybrid Eco Camper with Hitop roof in blue parked in Highland glen with sunset over hills to rear

Eco Campervans is the new leading brand of low-emissions, high-efficiency campervans. We have pioneered the world’s first fully Hybrid and Tribrid four-wheel drive Campervans. This is the first generation of environmentally friendly Campervans, that can go off road to remote locations, offer fully independent, stand-alone electric cooking and food preparation facilities, with unrivalled fuel economy and aerospace ergonomics that deliver greater living and sleeping space.

These patented campervans cook using Hybrid battery power. This means there is no need for gas or gas appliances. Cook instead with our superfast induction hobs. The Hybrid batteries are self-charging from the low-emissions petrol engine and offer high-powered and incredibly safe induction cooking. There is no limit to where you can go!

By getting rid of gas appliances we have also vastly increased the living space, offering a much wider bed, four levels of storage, modular cupboards that convert into wardrobe space and convenient USB docking stations for phones and tablets.

There are additional areas to store en-route cooking appliances such as a slow-cooker that prepares food while travelling – giving you piping hot food when you arrive at your favourite camping spot. You can also choose from a microwave, coffee-maker and even a popcorn-maker (if it is electric it can be used in the Eco Camper)!

For more details visit the Eco Campers website

Tribrid Eco Camper – the benefits

Enjoy the economic and ecological benefits of LPG – also known as Autogas – in the Tribrid Eco Camper. LPG is not only half the price of petrol (giving you the economic equivalent of 80 mpg), it emits a fraction of the toxins associated with petrol and diesel. There is not a cleaner or cheaper campervan to run than the Tribrid Eco Camper.

The groundbreaking Eco Camper is unique, super efficient and free from government restrictions on conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. The future is safe with the Eco Camper – designed with nature in mind.

The Eco Explorer

Our Hybrid/Tribrid Eco Explorer is the ultimate city to country campervan. This is an everyday Hybrid five-seater car with cooker, fridge, elevating roof and giant three-seater rock-and-roll bed on runners – that allows you to control your boot and living space to suit every occasion such as shopping one minute then off to the mountains the next. This is also 4WD so it can take you most can’t. Available from only £24,995! More details here.

The Eco Explorer seats five and can go to wild places thanks to its 4WD

large adjustable boot space thanks to the Superglide Varitrak System

The Explorer has an on-board table and cooker for quick and safe cooking and dining.

The dual powered fridge keeps food hot or cold.

For more details visit the Eco Campers website