Convert your own van

Convert your own campervan

For those converting their own campervan, we offer a range of parts and services, such as roof fitting, window fitting, conversion units, interior insulation and lining, leisure battery supply and fitting, electric hook-ups and much more. We also supply raw materials and conversion equipment such as SMEV sinks and cookers, veneered plywood, Rock-and-roll beds, captain seats and a whole range of electrical equipment, solar panels, rooflights and much much more.

Fitting a roof to your VW camper

We fit three types of roof, hightop and elevating and HiLo elevating roof (the world’s first flush-fitting pop-up roof). Our highly-skilled team cut, frame and fit both to your requirements. See the Convert your own campervan table below for details. No-one in Scotland can beat us on quality, service and price. Take no chances, trust in the experts.

Campervan windows

We can fit a range of windows to most campervans including bonded and double-glazed framed windows such as Seitz windows often seen in caravans and motorhomes. See the Convert your own campervan table below for details.

Fiamma awning and bike rack for campervans

We are a supplier and fitter of all Fiamma products. Our two big sellers are awnings and bike racks. Enjoy 10% off all our range if you buy your campervan from us. Valid for 12 months following purchase.

Our fixed wind-out awnings are suitable for all campervans and motorhomes, including Bongos, VW’s, Transits, Vicaros, Trafics, Vitos, Boxers etc.

Convert your own campervan
Elevated roofHigh top roofFiamma Bike rack
Elevating roof
The elevating roof offers flexibility and aerodynamics, allowing you to park the van in car parks and garages out-of-bounds for the hightop. Its main benefit is fuel economy giving a sleeker and more aerodynamic aspect to your van.

The high quality canvas offers window for light and ventilation. It is durable in all kinds of weather. The most popular model hinges at the back and raises at the front.

Other options are front and side hinges.

Prices start at £2,700.
Hightop roof
Our insulated hightop roofs offer warmth for the upper bunk, greater head space, additional storage space to the front, rear and sides and, with the option of side windows, offer a permanent lighter and airier feeling to the van.

The cheaper of the two options the hightop also offers the choice of storage shelves along the side and storage cupboards at the front and back. We can also install a bed frame in the roof, big enough to sleep two adults.

Prices start at £1,700 - supplied, cut, framed, lined and professionally fitted.
The HiLo Elevating roof

We are proud to announce sole Scottish dealership of the revolutionary Hi-Lo Elevating roof. Almost flush when down and one of the highest roofs when up, this crash-tested roof offers practicality, slimline design and unbeatable quality. For VW T5s only.

This is the world's first flush-fitting elevating roof. Imperceptible as an elevating roof, this patented roof offers unbeatable aerodynamics, economy and killer looks.

When elevated, this is also one of the highest roofs on the market - making it ideal for front and rear conversions.

Supplied with or without fitted bed platform.

Price: From £3,495 supplied and fitted.
Fiamma Carry Bike
Fiamma Carry Bike suitable for the Mazda Bongo, VW, Mercedes Vito and loads more with single or split rear door. Easy installation with the standard delivered brackets, without drilling the vehicle.

Carries two bikes as standard, or with the extra rails, up to four bikes.

Standard delivered with: plate for carrying licence plate with control lighting, Electric 13 pole connection and lamps included, 2 Rail Quick Red, Bike Block Pro 1 and 3 Red, Rack Holder and Security Strip.

Optional: Rail Quick Red, Bike Block Pro 2 Red

Max load 50KG

Price: £260
Interior lining and insulation
For extra insulation and a professional looking finish it is important to line your campervan before converting it.

We use a very durable thermal insulation material that really assists in keeping your van warm. That is then covered with with a very smart looking lining.

Choose from a range of colours from light grey to brown, blue or charcoal and black. This will make your van look and feel very comfortable and look professionally finished.
Campervan bonded windowFramed windowCampervan kitchen unit with tableRock and roll campervan bedRock and roll bed upright
Bonded windows
Bonded are the most popular and cost-effective. They also tend to look the best.

We fit two types - privacy or tinted glass.

For ventilation we can install windows with vents and secure slider elements.
Framed windows
These high quality windows offer double glazing, ventilation and incorporate blinds and mosquito netting.

We fit all sizes to all vans.

Please call for details.
Converions units
Choose from our range of high quality conversion units. As a designer and manufacturer, we offer a design service to suit your own particular needs.

Ranging from our off the shelf units to our deluxe range, we offer unbeatable value and professional service.

Prices start from £865.
Rock-and-roll beds
Our Rock-and-roll beds are made with a sturdy and durable wooden frame, with an under bed storage area. They seat two, with seat belts (one lap belt and one 3-point belt as standard - we can offer two three-point belts at extra cost), when in the upright position.

Our seats are topped with 5-inch luxury foam cushions with a choice in high quality fire-retardant upholstery colours.

Prices start from £750 supplied and fitted.
Crash-tested beds
We also supply and fit top-of-the-range crash-tested steel frame rock-and-roll beds. These come with 3-point inertia seat belts and a range of finishes and colours to match your other seats or lining.

These are made in the UK and meet the highest standards in the UK and Europe.

All seats are certificated and offer clever design and practicality sure in the knowledge that safety comes first.
Leisure batteryElectric hook up for campervansCoolant alarmCampervan flooring - Wisa multifloorCampervan Webasto-heater
Leisure batteries
We supply and fit high quality leisure batteries to nearly all vans. These offer ready-to-go power in any location and can be charged by your engine or if on a campsite, by the campsite power.

The beauty of a leisure battery is that they get charged by your alternator but never flatten your main car battery. This is an essential for all campervans.

We fit to nearly all makes for only £250.
Electric 240v hook-up
We fit external power hook-ups to nearly all vehicles. This provides 240v power to your camper, with external connection box and double socket with built in RCD protection.

Price: only £150.
Coolant alarm to header tank
Coolant alarm for header tank (detects low level of coolant).

Price: £99 - includes supply and fitting
Our specialist non-slip (even in the wet) and highly durable flooring offers a stylish and highly practical finish to your van floor.

Choose from grey or black finish.

Don’t leave it to the amateurs, we fit the best flooring to your van from only £250.
Space heaters
We fit a range of space heaters to campers and motorhomes including the Eberspächer diesel and electric heater (above), Webasto, Propex and Comet gas and electric heaters. These are thermostatically controlled and can be fitted safely and fully gas compliant to most campervans, vans and motorhomes.

Prices start at £799 to supply and fit (we also make units to house the heaters, at extra cost).

Campervan conversion materials and services

  • Veneered plywood (12mm to 16mm). Choose from a range of veneers such as American white oak, beech, cherry and walnut
  • Edging for 12mm and 16mm plywood
  • Elevating roofs (including the HiLo elevating roof)
  • Hightop roofs
  • Curtains – supply and fitting from only £65 per window
  • Windows – from tinted to privacy with our without integral slider element
  • Interior lining and insulation – choose from grey to blue to black liner material
  • Flooring – including our specialist non-slip heavy duty floor
  • Leisure battery – supply and fit
  • Electric hook-ups – we supply the parts and professionally fit 240v and 12v systems
  • Rock-and-roll beds -wooden frame or crash-tested steel-frame beds
  • Captain seats and swivel bases
  • Rooflights
  • SMEV appliances such as sinks, cookers, ovens and fridges
  • Dometic and Waeco fridges
  • Air heaters such as Webasto, Propex, Comet and Eberspächer
  • On-board entertainment e.g. DVD players, TV aerials
  • Plus much more for your campervan


VW T5 High-top roof